Drainage Solutions

Distinctive Outdoor Spaces takes a Best Management Practice (BMP) approach to solving all your drainage needs. Whether you need a simple  extending of your downspouts to eliminate water against your foundation, installing drainage swales to divert water, or installing a flow well rainfall storage system, we have a solution for your problem. If you have an impervious coverage issue and are in need of an engineered pervious paver or infiltration system, we have the personnel, equipment and experience to successfully install those systems from start to finish.


A Flo-Well is a sustainable solution for detaining stormwater while allowing for groundwater recharge. These Flo-Wells are great for standing water, collecting rainwater from gutters and downspouts, driveway or yard drains, and can also be used to collect and store rainwater.
This particular project was to collect all water runoff from a large residential construction project including a detached garage and driveway. This underground infiltration system was engineered to store all stormwater from the new impervious areas, while allowing it to slowly discharge to prevent erosion issues and minimize water runoff to neighboring properties.

Check out some more examples of our residential drainage work below!


Stormwater retention basins require regular maintenance to perform as designed. Sediment buildup and vegetation overgrowth can comprise the systems ability to function properly. When standing water does not drain from these areas, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitos and other unwanted insects. The above photo shows a neglected basin before Distinctive Outdoor Spaces removed vegetation, and regraded the area to restore operation of the basin.

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